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Northwest mountain trails

August 14, 2017

Most everyone knows my passion for climbing my northwest mountains. Hiking mountain trails, walking the inspiring landscape, having lunch on the summit, taking in the amazing views, it does something to one’s soul.

Those who know my history know that I discovered this amazing world about ten years ago after our son was injured in Afghanistan. I had planned that we would bring him back from severe traumatic brain injury and he and I would climb Mt. Rainier together. Sadly, that never happened, but in my preparation and training I developed a love for mountain climbing and hiking mountain trails.

I generally get out several dozen times a year. The majority of those hikes are on what I call my Lake Cushman mountains, with occasional excursions to Mt. Rainier or St. Helens.

However, with all that’s been happening recently I haven’t been getting out nearly enough. I’ve only managed a handful of hikes these past three or four months, and most of these have been to one or another of my Capital Forest hikes.

It’s a bit twisted that the more that happens in my life the more I need the hikes and yet the less I am able to get out on those hikes.

I really, really need to get back on my mountains…

For a look at my mountain trails, check out my hiking website at . The trail pages come with full descriptions and slideshows. 


Screenplays in Development

August 7, 2017

As mentioned in my previous blog, developing parallel to the Serpent’s Keep sequel novel are two screenplays.

I’m working one in the background of my other projects as I have time, as it is still in the outline stage. Project code named “Hemlock”, this script is science fiction / fantasy (emphasis on the fantasy), and is probably the most ethereal of all my screenplays. The outline is going well, but I don’t expect to begin actual development for several months yet, after I finish the draft of the other project.

The second screenplay that I’m working on is in full development. Project code named “Willow”, the script is science fiction with a heavy “film noir” flavor. The project is without a doubt very different from any other work I’ve ever done. While every book or screenplay I’ve written is absolutely unique from every other, the Willow project really is in a category all its own. I hope to have a draft completed in September, with a final script by Thanksgiving.

As with all my screenplays, I will be developing novella adaptations of both projects. And so there will be a lot more info on each of them once the completed scripts are registered and the novellas copyrighted and published.

Look for project updates here and on greybeard publishing.

Serpent’s Keep sequel coming in 2018

July 27, 2017

My time is generally divided equally between development and marketing. I wish it wasn’t so, marketing isn’t on my list of favorite things to do, but there it is. If you’re gonna be a successful writer, ya’ gotta market. If you write books that no one reads, then what you’re doing is a hobby, not a profession. At least that’s what they say. Man that sounds harsh. Maybe there’s a gray area in there somewhere. I’ll bet a lot of writers live in the gray area.

Enough talk about marketing. Over on the development side, where the fun stuff happens, I currently have a number of projects I’m working on. Or rather, I have three that I can honestly say I am actively working on, with a bunch of others in my holding queue at various stages of development.

Of the three projects I’m actively working, two are screenplays and the third is a novel. More on the screenplays next time, today I want to talk about the novel.

As I noted elsewhere, I began outlining the sequel to Serpent’s Keep a couple of months ago. When I published Serpent’s Keep back in 2009, I hadn’t intended to write a sequel, but the demand for one has been there almost since the novel went to print. To be fair, while Serpent's Keep does have a conclusion, there is most definitely an opening to a followup. Questions are answered, issues resolved, and yet... well, I won't go there. If you've read the book, you know, and if you haven't, you should...

I anticipate completing a SK2 draft next Spring, editing it into the Summer and publishing in the early Fall.

I’ll provide updates on the progress of the SK2 project here on the blog. I’ve also set aside a corner of the Serpent’s Keep book page over on greybeard where I’ll be putting quick update notes, so be sure to check that out from time to time.


First blog in space...

July 15, 2017

Okay, so I've just set up this website on space, and one of the components I included was this blog module. I'll post as frequently as I'm able, but if my author notes section on my author page is any indicator, it can go a week or two between postings.

I intend to keep my official author page up and running (, as that is the most visible in my author platform and currently the most targeted by external websites.

We'll just have to see how this goes. Watch for this website to evolve over time as I grow more accustomed to it. The main difference between this one and my other sites is that I have total development control over the others. And of course the others reside on my own web server.