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Reunions screenplay to be produced

The short script adaptation of my short story “Reunions” has been picked up by a production company in Atlanta. It is scheduled to be produced in the coming year, and I understand the plan is to present it at film festivals throughout the country.


I wrote the macabre little tale a number of years ago when someone suggested I write an offbeat horror story. It was later published in a magazine devoted to H.P. Lovecraft types of stories, and ended up in a few collections. You can find it in my own “Yesterday’s Shadows” collection.


Early last year I began to notice more and more independent producers developing short films to present at festivals as calling cards. Thinking there may be a growing market for short scripts, I took a look at my short stories for adaptation possibilities and decided on Reunions.


I adapted the story last year and entered the short script into a screenwriting contest. It finished well and a producer saw the posting. She contacted me and subsequently picked it up.


Stay tuned for production updates…


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