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Screenplays in Development

As mentioned in my previous blog, developing parallel to the Serpent’s Keep sequel novel are two screenplays.

I’m working one in the background of my other projects as I have time, as it is still in the outline stage. Project code named “Hemlock”, this script is science fiction / fantasy (emphasis on the fantasy), and is probably the most ethereal of all my screenplays. The outline is going well, but I don’t expect to begin actual development for several months yet, after I finish the draft of the other project.

The second screenplay that I’m working on is in full development. Project code named “Willow”, the script is science fiction with a heavy “film noir” flavor. The project is without a doubt very different from any other work I’ve ever done. While every book or screenplay I’ve written is absolutely unique from every other, the Willow project really is in a category all its own. I hope to have a draft completed in September, with a final script by Thanksgiving.

As with all my screenplays, I will be developing novella adaptations of both projects. And so there will be a lot more info on each of them once the completed scripts are registered and the novellas copyrighted and published.

Look for project updates here and on greybeard publishing.

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