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Serpent's Keep Games

When word got out about the upcoming sequel to Serpent’s Keep, a few questions came in about the games born from the first novel. For those familiar with novel's origins, a video game had been in my mind with writing the book. I had actually begun developing a prototype at the time but other projects got in the way.

Now, however, a variety of games are in varying levels of development, pre-production or production, including a card game, a dice game, a board game and two computer games.

A card game was developed and prototyped several years after the publication of the novel. A number of card deck sets were produced and used throughout testing. The card game project is ready for full production, is waiting for sufficient funding. The game is closely based on the concept and story of the novel.

A dice game was developed and prototyped soon after the card game. Called “Serpent’s Ladder”, it is based on a game played the members of the “Adventurer’s Guild” as described in the novel. It has been fully prototyped and tested, and we produced a number of editions in-house. We have sold a few through several outlets but have not seriously marketed it. It is ready for a consolidated campaign once we put together an integrated Serpent’s Keep marketing campaign.

A board game is in the middle stages of development/prototyping. Work on this was put on hold some time back when other priorities got in the way, but we are ready to pick this up again. This project will be inserted into our development queue immediately following the completion of the novel sequel.

A game app is in early design. An adaptation of the Serpent’s Ladder dice game, variations will be available on multiple platforms, including Android devices, other smart phone devices, and Windows multi-platforms. Many of the underlying algorithms have been developed.

A computer game is in early design. This game will be very closely tied to the original novel, the player experiencing / living the world of Serpent’s Keep. The game will be available on multiple game platforms.

As the second novel and the development of the games progress, I will be establishing a Serpent’s Keep web application platform. Look to my other websites ( , ) and this blog for updates.


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