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The next phase

So, for the last thirty years I’ve been dividing my time between two creative avenues. On the one has been of course my writing (literary and screenwriting), and on the other I’ve been programming, initially contracting to the Navy and later for Washington State.

While the programming has offered a stable income, it has meant that I’ve been working two fulltime jobs for decades. Developing applications and then web applications has been a creative outlet that I’ve enjoyed, but has never been my primary interest.

I write stories.

But royalties from my writing have ebbed and flowed, and until recently wasn’t something I could count on month to month. I needed the guaranteed income that programming provided.

Over the last few years, however, as my list of titles has continued to grow and my marketing skills have improved, royalties have steadily increased and have become more stable; enough so that I can announce a significant change coming soon.

I am currently working on a major web application development project for the State that is scheduled to complete in September.

And that will be it. Beginning October 01, 2018, I will be dedicated 100% to my writing and publishing. This will also allow me the chance to grow the marketing arm of my business, which to be honest has always been… less than it should be.

I am so looking forward to this next phase of my life.




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