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Hey, everyone…

Want to give you all a heads-up… this will be the last entry in the space blog.

There just aren’t enough hours in the day to give the proper attention to all everything I’m working on, so to keep folks abreast of what’s going on I’ll focus on the newsletter that goes out eac…

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April is Black Tower Month

The world of The Black Tower is being highlighted throughout the month of April. I'll be using some of the different media to explore the episodes, the features and the different formats in which the story is presented.

Also throughout the month, there'll be some giveaways and discounts. Most off…

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Reunions Short Film Project Update

An update on the short film project being developed from my short script "Reunions".

It had been slated to begin production in April, but has been pushed out just a bit. The producer of the project tells me that she's been called to direct a feature film with production starting now.

Positive site…

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New Black Tower Website

The Black Tower is and always has been a universe unto itself, and so I’ve decided that it also deserves its own website.

Many of the elements of the Black Tower will still be available on its book page at greybeard, with references to the individual episodes and the complete series volume, but b…

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Novellas Continue to Advance!

I just received word… both Planet of Stones and The Caravan novellas survived the semifinals and are now in the finals of a unique literary competition.

As I mentioned last month when they made it through the quarter-finals, the contest is looking for “short stories with cinematic potential” . Th…

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The Caravan, Planet of Stones Both Advance in Competition

I entered two of my novellas into a unique literary competition several months ago, just received word that both “Planet of Stones” and “The Caravan” are quarter-finalists and are advancing to the semi-finals.

The contest is looking for “short stories with cinematic potential”, the five jud…

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Reunions Script Goes to Which Producer?

Okay… so I have a producer from Atlanta who has committed to producing my “Reunions” short script, with plans to take it to film festivals this year. Cool.

But… she hasn’t returned the option agreement. Not sure what’s up with that.

And now I have a second producer considering the …

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At Variance Two

I’ve been working for a number of months on a second collection of stories that will be the follow-up to “At Variance”, a collection I published several years ago.

This new collection includes literary adaptations of pilot episode series screenplays and other screenplay projects; seven nove…

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Status of Serpent's Keep Development

I’m starting to fall a little behind in the development of the Serpent’s Keep sequel. My goal has been this coming summer, but it may not be finished until September. We’ll see how it goes.

I am progressing… writing continues, and while I am not as far along as I would like to be, SK2 Village…

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Looking back at the Shylmahn Migration

I wrote The Shylmahn Migration quite a while ago. Looking back, wow… I can’t believe I began doing background research and outlining the manuscript almost thirty years ago. It was in the late 1980s and I was on the graveyard shift at Subbase Bangor. Much of the first draft of the novel was developed…

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Reunions screenplay to be produced

The short script adaptation of my short story “Reunions” has been picked up by a production company in Atlanta. It is scheduled to be produced in the coming year, and I understand the plan is to present it at film festivals throughout the country.


I wrote the macabre little tale a numbe…

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Visit the Christmas Cave this season

Hey, everyone...

I want to make sure the word gets out about the deal with The Christmas Cave...

I think books make great Christmas presents, and The Christmas Cave is perfect for everyone. The fantasy adventure novella is based on my holiday family screenplay and really is a favorite of fans…

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Revisiting the World of the Shylmahn

The story of the Britton Journals takes place twenty years after the conclusion of the third book in The Shylmahn Trilogy, providing a brief glimpse into what the world looks like in the years following Genesis.

If you’ve already read the trilogy, the short story is a chance to revisit the world …

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how the heck did this happen

Wow… apologies.

I’m still not quite sure how this came about, but a few months back several of my titles updated with manuscript versions containing errors. These included incorrect auto-correct replacements, missing words, and several incorrect tense.

The original versions of these titles we…

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The next phase

So, for the last thirty years I’ve been dividing my time between two creative avenues. On the one has been of course my writing (literary and screenwriting), and on the other I’ve been programming, initially contracting to the Navy and later for Washington State.

While the programming has of…

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Audiobook Giveaways

I want to take a moment to give everyone a heads-up about a series of audiobook giveaways. I’m running drawings on the LibraryThing website for some of my audiobooks, with Ravenhiill Court first up. This particular drawing has been running for a couple of weeks, ends in a few days. There will be f…

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Serpent's Keep Games

When word got out about the upcoming sequel to Serpent’s Keep, a few questions came in about the games born from the first novel. For those familiar with novel's origins, a video game had been in my mind with writing the book. I had actually begun developing a prototype at the time but other project…

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Northwest mountain trails

Most everyone knows my passion for climbing my northwest mountains. Hiking mountain trails, walking the inspiring landscape, having lunch on the summit, taking in the amazing views, it does something to one’s soul.

Those who know my history know that I discovered this amazing world about ten year…

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Screenplays in Development

As mentioned in my previous blog, developing parallel to the Serpent’s Keep sequel novel are two screenplays.

I’m working one in the background of my other projects as I have time, as it is still in the outline stage. Project code named “Hemlock”, this script is science fiction / fantasy (emphasi…

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Serpent’s Keep sequel coming in 2018

My time is generally divided equally between development and marketing. I wish it wasn’t so, marketing isn’t on my list of favorite things to do, but there it is. If you’re gonna be a successful writer, ya’ gotta market. If you write books that no one reads, then what you’re doing is a hobby, not a …

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